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Name: Simon Fanklyn
Location: USA

my name is Simon Franklyn from US;i was heal of HIV only by instruction from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. I never believed in miracles but i am a living example. if you are passing through torment from the enemies contact Prophet of God on for your miracle my case is settled. May the God of my prophet be praised

Name: Simon Fanklyn
Location: USA
my name is Simon Franklyn from US, 9215 Henry St. Glen Allen, VA 23059; over the past eight years i have been having strange ailment, i have gone to the hospital but the doctors keep telling me that they can see anything wrong with me. when i met Papa Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa on facebook he asked if i am a believer which i answered yes he asked what my expectations are from the Lord i told him about my ailment. He instructed me to fast for a day; it was a fearful instruction because i also have a chronic ulcer but i followed His instruction; surprisingly i was able to complete the fasting. after the fasting He asked me to sow into a womans' life He gave me the woman's contact. the day i sow he prayed for me and he asked if i can still see my ailment i answered no with Faith the night of it at night for the first time in eight years i was able to sleep. As at 3pm in the morning i felt a mighty hand on my chest when i woke up i found that the wound all over my body had gone i could walk normally. it is a miracle i am still surprise of till. Ever since i have never visited any hospital. Praise be the God of the Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. if you are in need of a miracle contact him on may the God of my Prophet answer you.

Name: MaryMJ
Location: Russia
Hello! My name is MaryMarkova, our compane need to advertise on your website. What is your prices? Thank you. Best regards, Mary.

Name: Shannon Keys

Dear Friend of CHRIST JESUS,

Please, this E-mail is not a SCAM, Obviously, it is because of my present deplorable situation that compelled me to convey this message to you with the hope of receiving a Helping hand from you.
I would be pleased to prove to you beyond every reasonable doubt that this e-mail is not a scam. I mean every word of it and Jehovah God is my witness.

To prove my genuity, I can send you the Original documents like: My National Identity Card, My Wife’s National Identity Card, My wife’s Birth Certificate, My Birth Certificate and My son’s Birth Certificate incuding my Testimonials to serve as a concrete proof of what iam saying. I can equally send you my pictures, My wedding pictures and that of my wife & son for your perusal.

I do not wish to offend God by committing suicide because Hardship can prompt attutide and actions capable of threatening ones relationship with God.This message is my last resort.I feel that iam worthless because of humiliation and shame.

Iam Shannon Keys, 38 yrs old man, married to Patinde Kabore with a son. Alas, I lost my job since 10 months now and as a result iam facing a severe hardship at an unprecedented level. My house rent has accumulated and we are finding it difficult to make the ends meet. Presently my wife is 6 months pregnant and would be due to deliver in 3 months time, by God’s Grace.

Please, I need your financial assistant. Whatever that comes from your mind at the dictate of your conscious would be greatly appreciated. Please, For God’s Sake, Iam in Dire need of your help. I do not want to be in silent, when all is not well and that is why I decided to contact you.
I shall be pleased to read from you at your earliest convenience time.

Kind Regards,

My mobile phone number is : (+226) 78 08 58 55


Name: the witness
Location: usa
I am witness seeing two images of Jesus Christ. Testimony video "Christ testimony of the churches around the world". spirit of antichrist was already at work and continues to this day. Holy scriptures were counterfeited during Roman Empire times by certain men who added and took away words of prophecy Rev22:18. they started Roman Catholic Church. They transferred tampered scriptures of original Torah into a book they called Holy Bible. Holy Bible book contains mixture of counterfeited and original scriptures. The original writings of prophecy found on These men changed Torah Is9:5-6 to KJVIs9:6-7. this is rom1:23,25 and Rev13:18!
They change testimony of Mary's conception into a fable 2pet1:16. They change genealogy in the scriptures to deter the bloodline of David. Joseph and Mary were married and intimate but Mary found without child. God only opens and closes the womb. God open Mary's womb to receive Joseph son of David's seed for natural conception Rom8:3;Rom1:3.
They change Sabbath to a Roman sun god worship day. They change the wording of the mystery of God to cover up the true testimony of Jesus. I am witness to seeing image of beast and mystery of Iniquity coming from inside these worship buildings. The Lord calling his people to truth study original Torah and compare to Holy Bible scriptures you will see where the holy scriptures were tampered. the chosen disciples knew men were teaching another Jesus and changing word of God. Must come out of worship buildings. get into prayer for coming prophecy Joel God's Spirit pour out upon all flesh then immediately follows Great Trib Rev7:2-3. Again people of God get into prayer to escape plagues coming to any building set up for worshiping God 2:thess2:4. Many believers who read this message will see the image Matt24:15; Rev17:8. Jesus knew about the image and overcame it by the true Spirit of God Luke4:9.

Name: Pastor John
Location: Kenya Africa
Dear Pastor,
We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, Colossians 1:3.Thank you for the good work that you are doing for the Lord which I saw on your website that is why I have decided to contact you.I am the pastor of Hope Restoration Church in Kenya.I would also like us to share with you about our coming Leaders conference in Kenya.I am requesting you to come and speak to our Leaders conference next year 2016 because of your experience in the ministry work, most of our Leaders need to be empowered and equipped with the word of God.

Let me hear from you if God is leading you to come and speak to our conference so that I can send to you our Conference Schedule.I wish you a wonderful day with God's blessings upon your family and ministry.Thank you for considering this invitation. I look forward to hearing whether you will be able to join us.

In Christ's service and Love
Pastor John and Sharon Njoni
P.O Box 9727
Eldoret 30112

Name: Joanne Lane
Location: Lynchburg, VA
Thank you Pastor for the message you gave on the Lord's coming. It really touched my heart and soul.

My life if a mess but I do pray for the Lord to heal me, and direct my paths again.

Blessings to your church family,

Ms. Joanne Lane

Name: keijo
Location: sweden
God is good and very knowing us right now and his the eyes is watching us and protecing us and is our source in life with Christ and in the Holy Spirits power and in peace ,thanks and bless and win,keijo sweden

Name: Bill Benge
Location: Clifton Springs, New York
I got saved at Christian Chapel in the summer of 1980 when it was a store front on Campbell Ave. Pastor Ray preached a sermon on hell, and at the end of the service this 9 year old boy was crying. Pastor Ray asked me what was wrong; we were all going out to eat after the service (it was a Sunday night). I told him, "I don't want to go to hell." He replied, "You don't have to, buddy." He then told me of salvation & I received Christ as my Savior.
Then in November 1989 when I was 18 years old I went to visit some family members in Virginia for a month. I was a broken young man searching for answers to some of life's difficult questions and needed the power of the Holy Spirit active in a more tangible way. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit on a Wednesday night service at Christian Chapel on November 29, 1989 and spoke in a language I had never learned before for two hours. It was awesome! I will never forget it. I am now an ordained Assemblies of God minister. Thank you Pastor Ray & Norma Jean for your years of faithful ministry; I am eternally grateful.
If you are in the Lynchburg area & don't already have a church home, then I highly recommend Christian Chapel. Your life will never be the same after encountering God's presence there.

Name: Larry Pauley
Location: Madison Heights, va
Great church and great people